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The project “United information system of interaction of population and authorities of the cross-border region Brest-Lublin” is aimed at solving the problem. 
Particularly, the project Team considers that the information base of the government bodies, customs regulations, business laws, human rights in Poland and Belarus can stimulate Belarusian-Polish cooperation. 


Objective of the project


Increase of information awareness of the inhabitants of the cross-border region Brest oblast of the Republic of Belarus and Lublin voivodeship of the Republic of Poland on possibilities of trans-border co-operation. Also the purpose of the project is to increase the legal safety of Belarusian citizens at appeal to public institutions of Poland, and Polish citizens – to public institutions of Belarus. 


The main partner: Brest Regional Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Centre of Introduction of Scientific and Technical Researches" (Brest, Belarus)
The partners: Brest Regional Executive Committee, European Centre of Integration and Inter-Administrative Co-operation «House of Europe» (Lublin, Poland), Educational Institution «Brest State Technical University»





The project implementation will intensify the information exchange between Brest oblast and Lublin voivodeship, which encourages the communication activity and transborder partnership in various fields. Development of partner contacts, in its turn, will result in increase of the quantity of joint Belarusian-Polish projects.



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